Avicena will showcase the world’s fastest LED modulated at 10Gbps

Stand 916

7th September 2021

Avicena is developing ultra-fast LEDs for low power chip-to-chip interconnects and has demonstrated data rates up to 10Gbps which is about an order of magnitude faster than current LED based communication links.  These LEDs are specifically optimized for high-speed communication and called Cavity-Reinforced Optical Micro-Emitters or CROMEs.  They form a key building block of the Avicena’s novel LightBundleTM interconnect together with multi-core fiber cables and the Si based PDs.  The LightBundleTM offers class leading bandwidth density of 10Tbps/mm2 as well as high power efficiency of < 0.5pJ/bit with a reach of up to 10m.

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