Avicena Demonstrates Record-Breaking Ultra-Low-Energy Optical Interconnect

Stand 464

26th May 2022

Avicena Tech Corp, a privately held company in Mountain View, CA, will demonstrate its LightBundle™ multi-Tbps chip-to-chip interconnect at the European Conference for Optical Communications 2022.  We have already demonstrated a link with less than 2pJ/bit using and will soon unveil sub-1pJ/bit links.  LightBundle™ is based on arrays of innovative GaN micro-emitters that leverage the microLED display ecosystem and can be integrated into high performance CMOS ICs.  The parallel nature of LightBundle™ is well matched to parallel chiplet interfaces like UCIe, OpenHBI, and BoW, and can also be used to extend the reach of compute interconnects like PCIe/CXL, or HBM/DDR/GDDR memory links.

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