APAC Opto 800G SR8 OSFP Optical Transceiver

Stand E27

15th May 2024

APAC Opto 800G SR8 OSFP Optical Transceiver integrates eight data lanes in each direction with a bandwidth of 8×53.125GBd. This transceiver is suitable for use in 800G Ethernet or InfiniBand links up to 50m multi-mode fiber. It is compliant with IEEE P802.3db/D3.0 and IEEE P802.3ck. Digital diagnostic functions are available via the I2C interface, as specified by the OSFP MSA.

Features and benefits:
․ Eight-channel, Hot-pluggable OSFP 800G multimode module
․ Compliant with OSFP MSA Type2 flat top with dual MPO-12 connector
․ Maximum power consumption 16W
․ Up to 30m reach on OM3 and 50m on OM4
․ Case operating temperature 0°C to 70°C

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