APAC Opto 800G OSFP 2x400G FR4 Optical Transceiver for 2km transmission over SMF

Stand E27

12th June 2024

APAC Opto 800G OSFP 2x400G FR4 compliant to the OSFP 800 form factor specification that supports two independent 400GBASE FR4. Each optical interface has a corresponding 400GAUI-4 electrical interface, based on four multiplexed wavelengths operating with PAM4 signaling at 53.125 GBaud(106.25 Gbps per lane) over duplex SMF cable, using 2 Uncooled CW DFB Lasers each at a CWDM 1.3 µm wavelength with Non hermetic COB.

Features and benefits:
․ Aggregation Mode:
– Optical IF: 2x 400GBASE FR4
– Electrical IF: 2x 400GAUI 4
․ Breakout Mode:
Allows each 100G lane to be provisioned independently so hosts can manage traffic at 100 GbE granularity.
․ Power consumption: <15.5W
․ Management IF: CMIS 5.1

Further Information