Advancing Precision: The Enhanced MRSI-705 Redefines Performance in Aerospace, Defense, and Medical Industries

Stand F15

12th June 2024

The MRSI-705 continues to evolve, incorporating new features and enhancements that further solidify its position as a trusted tool for critical applications. Its combination of precision, flexibility, and reliability makes it a valuable asset for demanding environments.

1. The Patented Turret Tool Changer is capable of mounting 12 tools and executing changes within a remarkable 0.5 seconds, is a gamechanger.
2. The Heated Bonding Head allows for localized heating through the die.
3. The High Force Bonding System (500N) coupled with a heated head, the MRSI-705 expands its capabilities to include thermal compression bonding, ACF bonding, and silver sintering for power semiconductor packaging.

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