Advanced Photonic Solutions for over 25 years

Stand 130

20th August 2020

AC Photonics, Inc. located in Santa Clara, CA (USA), is an OEM for a wide variety of Fiber-Optic Components and Integrated Modules. These products include DWDM, CWDM, MWDM, FTTx, Hybrids, GFF, PM Products, Circulators, Isolators, WDM, Couplers/Splitters, Switches, Tap-Photodiodes, VOAs, Collimators, Patch-Cords, etc. ACP’s key advantages are high-quality performance, excellent service, quick lead-times, and aggressive pricing. We offer solutions for key vertical markets such as aerospace, defense, medical, LIDAR/sensing, and communications. Our capabilities include component, module, and system design, and value-added manufacturing. ACP’s global manufacturing, engineering, R&D, and support teams are strategically located to support all of our customers.