Acacia Wins ECOC Industry Award for its Family of 400G Pluggable Coherent Solutions with 3D Siliconization Technology

8th December 2020

Acacia Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACIA), a leading provider of high-speed coherent optical interconnect products, today announced that its family of 400G pluggable coherent solutions have won the optical integration (Silicon Photonics) category of the first-ever ECOC Exhibition Industry awards.

Utilizing Acacia’s 3D siliconization technology, Acacia’s 400G pluggable module family features an expansive list of interoperability solutions (400ZR, OpenZR+, Open ROADM MSA and CableLabs Coherent Optics Physical Layer Specification) in QSFP-DD, OSFP and CFP2-DCO pluggable form factors for cloud data center (DCI) interconnects and service provider networks.  Acacia’s 400G pluggable coherent solutions were designed to enable network operators to address increasing bandwidth demand through a simplified network architecture to help reduce both capital and operational expenditures.

“For more than a decade, Acacia has been executing on its vision to unleash the full potential of silicon technology in optical interconnects and this award is a testament to our efforts,” said Tom Williams, Vice President of Marketing at Acacia Communications. “By utilizing our 3D Siliconization technology, Acacia has been able to move beyond traditional optics manufacturing, utilizing semiconductor processes that are designed to enable these 400G coherent pluggable modules to scale to address higher-volume applications.”

400G pluggable modules represent a key architectural change in high-bandwidth data center interconnects because they can be plugged directly into switches and routers offering the same density for both coherent DWDM and client optics in the same chassis. As bandwidth demands continue to grow, these solutions are designed to help cloud providers increase the capacity of the optical interfaces that connect their data centers around the globe. The use of coherent optics in switches and routers can simplify architectures, resulting in reductions in capital and operational expenditures. The same technology can be combined with higher performance standards for the potential to drive more traditional transport applications toward CFP2-DCO solutions.

“Congratulations to Acacia for winning one of only six awards being given in honor of ECOC’s 25th anniversary,” said Emma Harvey, Commercial Director, Nexus Media Events, organizers of the ECOC Exhibition. “After careful consideration, our judges determined that Acacia’s 400G pluggable coherent solutions emphasize technology and product commercialization and highlighted significant achievements in advancing the business of optical communications and silicon photonic integration.”

3D Siliconization Technology Advantage

Acacia’s 400G pluggable coherent solutions leverage its 3D siliconization technology that takes advantage of Acacia’s expertise in high-performance silicon PICs and low power digital signal processors (DSPs.) Acacia’s 3D Siliconization applies integration and 3D stacking techniques to enable a single device that includes the high-speed opto-electronic functions necessary for coherent communications. This device, which includes the DSP, photonic integrated circuitry, drivers and TIAs, is manufactured using standard electronics packaging processes. Advantages of 3D Siliconization include the reduction of electrical interconnects and improved signal integrity, leading to improvements in performance, cost, reliability, power consumption, and size.

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