About SAMM

Stand E16

12th June 2024

In the constantly evolving telecommunications environment, companies need innovative solutions to stay one step ahead. This is exactly where SAMM Technology comes into play. With over 20 years of experience, SAMM Technology has been a pioneer in providing advanced technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of the telecommunications industry.
SAMM Technology’s offerings include our comprehensive network solutions, including:
Data Center Copper Network Solutions: Designed for performance, reliability and scalability, SAMM Technology’s copper network solutions provide uninterrupted connectivity in various environments.
Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions: From pigtails to patch cords, from single mode cables to multi-mode fiber optic cables, from indoor cables to universal and outdoor cables, SAMM Technology offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet high-speed data demands. transmission and telecommunication networks.
Network Hardware: SAMM Technology also provides cable trays and paths, termination units, splicing devices, adapters, etc. It also provides a variety of networking hardware, including
SAMM Technology also offers products and services in the field of Distributed Acoustic Sensing. Our product, FOTAS, is a fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) system that uses optical fibers to detect and analyze acoustic signals along their entire length.

For detailed information, we invite you to our stand E16.