A process to clean your FC, SC, ST and MU and LC connectors.

Stand at Virtual Catch Up

10th October 2022

Chemtronics has included easy-to-use cleaning products required for FC, SC, ST and MU and LC Connector Cleaning. The Kits contain the CCT, Fiber-Wash AQ Cleaning Pens and QbE Cleaning Platform which deliver the Combination Cleaning process. Fiber-Wash AQ is a Non-Flammable water-based cleaning solution safe to transport, which quickly and safely cleans the end face of fiber optic connectors within the process. It also dissipates static charge, preventing airborne contamination that is attracted to the end face. The CCT Tool is the convenient cleaning tool for fast and reliable end face cleaning.

You can visit us at our virtual booth or on our website FOCCUS CCT Clear Connection Tool | Chemtronics (chemtronicseu.com)