A New LC Connector, Just Grab It By the Boot

Stand 6

26th April 2022

Suncall America has just released a new LC Pull Uniboot Connector. The new design incorporates a reinforced boot for a quick push-pull insertion and removal of the connector (no tabs needed). This new design helps conserve precious space in high-density panels and the color options assist with organization. Cable sizes available are 2.0mm and 3.0mm.

Another feature that helps with in-field use is the new polarity change that happens within the boot, preventing any exposure to outside elements. This provides added safety to the connections as well as the technicians. The polarity change is easy and requires no tools.

To compliment this new connector, Suncall also offers LC Slimpack Internal Shutter Adapters. The reduced height of 9.4mm allows for high-density packaging and the internal shutters protect from laser exposure plus dust and debris.

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