800G OSFP SR8 and 400G OSFP RHS SR4 for NVIDIA InfiniBand application

Stand 711

26th September 2023

Tanlink introduces our latest innovations in the 800G and 400G OSFP optical transceivers to catch the AI surge and robust support for data center expansion.
Below items are hot products in the NVIDIA InfiniBand application. Explore more information in our ECOC booth#711.

1.800G OSFP SR8 (8x100G)100M, Finned Top
2.400G QSFP112 SR4 100M, Flat Top
3.400G OSFP SR4, Flat Top
4.400G OSFP SR8, Finned Top
5.400G OSFP SR8 to 2x QSFP56 200G Fanout AOC Cable