400Gb/s DR4 and 800Gb/s DR8 SiPh Solutions from DustPhotonics

Stand 644

24th May 2023

DustPhotonics enables data centers and enterprises to meet their increasing bandwidth demands with innovative silicon photonics products. At ECOC, DustPhotonics will showcase the Carmel product line of 400Gb/s DR4, 800Gb/s DR8 SiPh products.

400Gb/s DR4 Transmit Photonics IC with integrated laser (TOSA).
Used for 400Gb/s and 800Gb/s applications.

800Gb/s DR8 Transmit Photonics IC with integrated laser.
Used for 800Gb/s applications and scalable to 1.6 Tb/s.

These solutions support a wide range of protocols and data rates, providing high-speed, low-latency, and high-density connectivity. DustPhotonics’ participation at ECOC 2023 highlights its commitment to driving innovation and enhancing network performance.

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