400G QSFP-DD breakout AOC cable with DSP-free CDR

Stand 571

22nd July 2022

As the “artery” of the data center network, AOC/DAC & optical modules undertake the important role of data interconnection. Higher speed, Lower cost and lower power consumption have always been the main targets of interconnection technology updating. To satisfying customers’ pursuit of high-speed network connection services, Tanlink have released the 400G QSFP-DD breakout Active Optical Cables recently.

Tanlink’s 400G QSFP-DD breakout AOC is adopting DSP-free electronic based CDR, which has lower power consumption as 7.5W & lower latency compare to DSP scheme. It can support 400G to 4*100G, 400G to 4*200G & 400G to 8*50G breakout connection. The transmission links up to 50 meters, which is ideal for TOR connect to multi-racks of servers or NICs.

More information: http://www.tanlinkoptics.com