400G QSFP-DD Active Optical Cable

Stand 740

23rd August 2023

APAC 400Gb/s QSFP-DD Active Optical Cable (AOC). It is compliant with the QSFP-DD MSA Rev5.0 and IEEE 802.3bs, and Common Management Interface Specification Rev4.0. 400G AOC is an assembly of eight full-duplex lanes, where each lane is capable of transmitting data at rates up to 53.125Gb/s PAM-4.

Features and benefits:
• QSFP-DD MSA Rev5.0 and IEEE 802.3bs compliant
• Data rate up to 425Gbps (8x PAM4 26.5625 GBd)
• Length up to 30 meters
• High speed I/O electrical interface (400GAUI-8)
• 850nm VCSEL laser and PIN receiver
• CMIS 4.0 management interface
• Power consumption (Each end) <8 W

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