112Gbps connectivity – our solutions at a glance – Yamaichi Electronics, Stand 284

Stand 284

17th August 2022

The market demands 112Gbps connectivity for pluggable modules.
We offer 112Gbps for: OSFP, QSFP, QSFP-DD, SFP, DSFP, NGSFP-DD and more…Also check out our modular mezzanine and our jumper-cable connector

• Upgrade your QSFP interface to 112G-PAM4

• QSFP-DD host connector up to 112G-PAM4 per diff. pair (Type1x1).

• SFP and DSFP up to 112Gbps-PAM4 per diff. pair

• NGSFP-DD the next generation small form factor pluggable with double

• 112Gbps Mezzanine Connectors – YTM Series with highest density.

• 112Gbps Jumper Cable connector system with stable data transmission
of 112Gbps PAM4 signals.