100GBASE-FR QSFP28 Optical Transceiver

Stand 740

26th July 2023

APAC 100GBASE-FR QSFP28 Single Lambda optical transceiver is a cost focused solution for 100 Gigabit Ethernet links for up to 2km over single mode fiber (SMF). The transceiver combines 4x25G NRZ electrical signals to a 1x100G PAM4 optical signal. It is suitable for fiber connectivity in data centers, computing networks, switch, router, enterprise, and service provider applications.

Features and benefits:
• IEEE 100GBASE-FR compliant
• 100GE Single Protocol (103.125 Gb/s)
• Compliant with CAUI-4 & 100GAUI-4
• RS-FEC (544,514) coder/decoder function
• Single cooled 100Gb/s 1310nm EML
• Single PIN PD + low-power TIA
• Power consumption typ. 3.5W

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