Full event timetable

Monday 7th December

Market Focus12:2013:00The TIP Disaggregated Optical & Transport NetworkVariousTelecom Infra Project
Market Focus13:0013:20AI-aided DSP design for coherent optical networksDr. Maxim KuschnerovHuawei
Market Focus13:2013:40The new roles of Optical and Packet networks with the advent of 5G RAN architecturesAntonella SanguinetiEricsson
Product Focus14:1514:30Optical Test & Measurement of Silicon Photonics: Future-proof spectral characterization of next-gen optical componentsFrançois CounyEXFO
Product Focus14:3015:00Monolithic Silicon Photonics:  Innovative Solutions for Co-packaged Optical SwitchesMike Davis, VP MarketingSicoya
Product Focus15:2015:40A coherent story on Integrated Photonics: Manufacturing a low-power chip for massive interconnect bandwidthNazanin ShafieeSmartPhotonics
Product Focus15:4016:00WDM Technology based Solutions for 5G Fronthaul ConnectionsDr. David WeiSONT Technologies
Market Focus16:0016:20Automation and Autonomous  Network solution in Cloud Native architecture: user stories and practical examples of deploymentDomenico Di MolaJuniper Networks
Market Focus16:2016:40Paving the way for plug and play:  Management and control of coherent optical pluggablesIan AlderdiceCiena
Market Focus16:4017:00Optical Intelligence: Path to Network Operations Enhancement and AutomationDr. Christopher JanzHuawei
Market Focus17:0017:20A Path to Next Generation CoherentTom WilliamsAcacia Communications
Market Focus17:2017:402020 OIF Transport SDN API Interoperability DemoArturo Mayoral LopezOIF
Market Focus18:0018:20The COVID-19 Pandemic has Accelerated the Adoption of Cloud ServicesDr. Vladimir KozlovLightCounting Market Research
Market Focus18:2018:35End of session round up discussion (moderated)

Tuesday 8th December

Product Focus10:3010:555G and FTTH market trend in KoreaTerry KimTaihan Fiberoptics
Product Focus10:5511:25Senko – An Introduction to our Wireless Connectivity RangeMike MilnesSenko
Product Focus11:2511:30Ciena WaveLogic 5. Now you’re ready for more.Ciena
Product Focus11:3011:45Electro-optical qualification of Next-Gen TransceiversAldo GutierrezEXFO (MF)
Market Focus12:0012:20EPIC Foundry Services for Data Center Interconnect ApplicationsProf. Lars ZimmermannIHP GmbH – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics, Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik
Market Focus12:2012:40A paradigm shift in the optical communication market – from Transceivers to Highly Integrated Co-package Optics enabled by Silicon PhotonicsSven OtteSicoya
Market Focus12:4013:00Narrow linewidth tunable lasers based on hybrid assembled Photonic IC technologyDouwe GeuzebroekLioniX International
Market Focus13:2013:40Industry’s First Unified Electronic and Photonic Design PlatformTwan KorthorstSynopsys
Market Focus13:4014:00Go to market faster by building Photonic ICs the way you build softwareDr. Martin FiersLuceda Photonics
Market Focus14:0014:203D Wafer-Level Microoptics For Ultrafast Optical Fiber CommunicationsCarlos Viana and Jean-Luc PolleuxICON Photonics
Market Focus14:2014:35End of session round up discussion (moderated)
Award announcement14:3514:40Optical Integration (Siph and/or other) Award Winner AnnouncementECOC TV
Award announcement14:4014:45Optical Transport Award Winner AnnouncementECOC TV
Product Focus14:4515:00The changing landscape of data centers: what’s in store for high-speed pluggable transceiversAnabel AlarconEXFO
Product Focus15:0015:15A Transformative Architecture with Point-to-Multipoint Optics (XR Optics)Fady Masoud, Solutions Marketing DirectorInfinera
Product Focus15:1515:30ROADMs at the Edge of the NetworkRajkumar Nagarajan, Product Line Management, Transport Subsystems, LumentumLumentum
Market Focus16:0016:20EO Polymer modulator platform with enhanced stability at both 1.3um and 1.5umMichael LebbyLightwave Logic
Market Focus16:2016:40Silicon photonic chiplets for chip-to-chip communicationsDr. Mark WadeAyar Labs
Market Focus16:4017:00‘800G Datacenter Optics’Andreas BechtolsheimArista
Market Focus17:0017:20Datacenters: Optics in Cloud ComputingSupriyo DeySource Photonics
Market Focus17:2017:40Lessons learned from the first 5G mobile network deploymentsGuillaume LavalleeExfo
Market Focus17:4018:00400ZR – From Concept to RealityJosef BergerInphi
Market Focus18:0018:20Building Blocks for 800G, Co-Packaged Optics, and BeyondKarl GassOIF
Market Focus18:2018:40Compound Semiconductors and Engineered Materials Enabling Advances in Biomedical OpticsSanjai ParthasarathiII-VI
Market Focus18:4018:55End of session round up discussion (moderated)
Award announcement18:5519:00Most Innovative Product Award Winner AnnouncementECOC TV
Award announcement19:0019:05Data Center Innovation / Best Product Award Winner AnnouncementECOC TV

Wednesday 9th December

Product Focus10:0012:00Tech WatchMark Lutkowitz,  fibeReality
Padraic Morrissey, Tyndall National Institute
Kevin Williams,  TUE
Eric Mounier, Yole Développement
Sven Kruger,  HUBER + SUHNER Cube Optics
Wilfried Noell,  SUSS MicroOptics
Myun-Sik Kim,  Axetris
Pierpaolo Boffi, Politecnico di Milano
Market Focus12:0012:20Evolution of Form Factors (for pluggable transceiver modules) from a connector maker’s perspectiveDavid BinderYamaichi Electronics
Market Focus12:2012:40100G, 400G. 400+G and 800G transmission standardsDirk GötzlHuber+Suhner
Market Focus12:4012:55End of session round up discussion (moderated)
Product Focus12:5513:10New MAP-300 modules and featuresPaul AvisonVIAVI
Product Focus13:1013:25POLS: a revolution in datacenter interconnectsRichard Riffel – Vice President, Amplifier and Linecard Product LineII-VI
Market Focus16:0016:20Execution and deployment challenges in 400G ecosystem (SP and DC) and road map evolutionJeff MakiJuniper Networks
Market Focus16:2016:40Test and validation of pluggable digital coherent opticsPaul BrooksVIAVI
Market Focus16:4017:00Driving a New Industry Standard for Optical Laser Sources to Advance AI, Data Center Efficiency, and other Advanced Applications of Optical InterconnectChris ColeCW-WDM MSA
Market Focus17:0017:20The role of optical fiber: On its 50 year anniversary what has changed?Roshene McCoolCorning
Market Focus17:2017:40Ethernet for 5G fronthaul and Open RAN: key for network evolutionSebastien PrieurExfo
Market Focus17:4018:00Evolution of Cable Optical Access NetworksAlberto CamposCablelabs
Market Focus18:0018:15End of session round up discussion (moderated)