Photonics Media covers the technologies that you are working with.

25th June 2019

Photonics Media publishes print and digital business-to-business magazines and e-newsletters for individuals working with light-based technologies in the photonics industry.  A pioneering publisher in the discipline of photonics, Photonics Media has built a large global audience comprising academics and researchers, manufacturers and end-users.

Among our publications are Photonics Spectra and EuroPhotonics.  What follows is a brief description of these two magazines and some recent feature articles that would be of interest to the ECOC audience.

Photonics Spectra

Photonics Spectra is today’s leading source of technological solutions and of news and information about photonics.  It is the magazine referred to worldwide by the largest audience of photonics engineers, scientists and end-users.  Integrating all segments of photonics, Photonics Spectra is unique in that it provides both technical and practical information for every aspect of the global industry.  Click here for a free subscription.


EuroPhotonics magazine provides accurate and timely information about photonics products available in the European marketplace.  Its focus is European and content covers photonics technologies from conventional optics and electro-optics to lasers, fiber optics and imaging, as well as photonics component manufacturing.  Click here for a free subscription.

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