• Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation

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    "Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation (“PMC”) is a global leader in optic MEMS solutions for high-speed optical communications and data networks, automotive and 3D sensing applications. The company offers innovative solutions that help design engineers solve complex problems for 5G networks, data centers, automotive LiDAR and laser lighting systems, industrial LiDAR and 3D vision systems, AR/VR and biometrics. For more information, visit www.preciseley.com.

    Market Sectors

    Optical transceivers (telecom),Photonic/all-optical switches,ROADM systems,Signal conditioning (channel monitors, dispersion compensators, etc.),Wavelength selective switches and add-drop modules

    Preciseley’s MEMS mirror with proprietary electrostatic comb drives creates large actuation force in smaller form factor and achieves higher mirror tilting angles at low voltages. Electrostatic MEMS devices which consume very low power and eliminate drift is ideal for constrained applications such as VOA, TOF, and optical switching in telecom.

    Preciseley now offers a complete solution for LiDAR - from transmitting to receiving end using its powerful 2D large MEMS scanning mirror. A monolithic 5mm gold mirror is ideal for SWIR and NIR Lidar systems. Large scanning ranges in both tilting axes allows for coaxial design for 3D sensing and LiDAR.



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