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Plan your time at ECOC Exhibition and create your own schedule

The 'My Schedule' feature allows you to select Market Focus presentations, training sessions, FTTx live demonstrations and hosted workshops, as well as choosing exhibitors you are planning to meet, so you can keep all of your plans in one place.

Once you have created your schedule, simply click ‘Email me my schedule now’ to enter your email address and receive your personalised schedule in a printable format. The email will also contain a link which will allow you to make changes to your schedule, add or remove sessions or exhibitors. You can also click the Outlook email icon to add your selected sessions to your calendar.

Get started

To start adding to your schedule, simply click on 'Sessions' or 'Exhibitors' to browse, and click 'Add to Shortlist' to add to your schedule. You can easily remove items from your shortlist.

To review all of the sessions or exhibitors you have selected, just click 'My Schedule'.