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Travelling to Fiera di Roma

The Fiera Roma is located out of the city and within close reach of Rome's Fiumicino Airport.

How to get to Fiera Roma


  • Subway Metro B from Termini/Cavour to Piramide (every 3 min): 6/5 min
  • Walkway Piramide‐Roma Ostiense (track 12): 6 min
  • Metrotrain LR1 from Roma Ostiense to Fiera Roma station (every 15 min) : 21 min
  • Walkway from Fiera Roma station to North Entrance: 6 min
  • Subway Metro B from Termini/Cavour to EUR Magliana (every 3 min): 15/14 min

Arriving at Fiera Roma by train

From Piazza Venezia/ Piazza San Marco (Click here to see map)

TRAM 8 line ( to Casaletto) - STOP Stazione Trastevere  ( Railway Station)  - FL1 train ( to Fiumicino Aeroporto)  -  STOP  Fiera di Roma

From Stazione Termini

Option 1 (click here to see map)

Metro B/B1 (to Laurentina) – Stop Piramide – walk to Roma Ostiense Railway Station – FL 1 ( to Fiumicino Aeroporto) – STOP Fiera di Roma

Option 2

Metro B (to Rebibbia) – Stop Tiburtina (Railway Station)   –  FL 1 ( to Fiumicino Aeroporto) – STOP Fiera di Roma

From Tuscolana, Tiburtina, Ostiense train stations, which are connected to the A and B lines of the underground (Metropolitana) take the train FL 1 toward Fiumicino and get off at Fiera Roma stop. Fare 1,50 euro.

From Monday to Friday, Fiera di Roma station is connected to Rome with trains every 15 minutes until 20:00 when the trains are every 30 minutes. The journey time between Fiera di Roma and Rome Ostiense is 23 minutes, between Fiera di Roma and Rome Tiburtina is 40 minutes.

Visit for full timetables and fare information. Or click here to see a city map of the main junction points and where to catch the FL1 to Fiera Roma.

From Roma Fiumicona Airport

From Roma Fiumicino airport, it is possible to reach Fiera Roma with the FL 1 train, Fiera di Roma stop (fare 8 euros), alternatively by taxi or Cotral buses.

By car

From the GRA (Rome’s orbital) take the exit 30 toward Fiumicino, then follow the signs for Fiera Roma. View the road map of the surrounding area.