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Thank you to all of our Official ECOC Exhibition 2018 Sponsors

ECOC Exhibition works closely with a number of leading companies from across the optical communications industry. Read more about our 2018 sponsors below.

Thank you to Axetris for sponsoring the 2018 Exhibition Badge Inserts

Axetris AG serves customers with micro-optical components for telecom and industrial application. Our engineering and manufacturing teams combine broad experience in simulation, design, manufacturing and metrology for refractive and diffractive optics. Axetris aspherical and spherical microlenses and lens arrays are used in high speed components requiring very high coupling efficiency, such as WSS, Coherent - ICRs, ACOs, Modulators, µITLAs and TOSAs & ROSAs for 100G/400G/1T components and modules. Axetris operates its own 6” to 8” wafer MEMS foundry in Central Switzerland where our customers benefit from excellent product value, consistent high product quality and outstanding customer support.

To learn more about Axetris, visit

Thank you to Ciena joining us as 2018 Show Daily sponsor.

Ciena is a network strategy and technology company with a unique ability to translate best-in-class technology into value through a high-touch consultative business model. We believe in driving an industry ecosystem and offering the greatest degree of flexibility in how our customers consume technology to deliver the most rewarding experiences and business outcomes. We develop and apply technologies across packet and optical networking, and distributed software automation that drive openness, virtualization and unprecedented network adaptability. Ciena partners with customers to build the Adaptive Network, tackling complexity by combining intelligent automation, real-time performance data, and the ability to continuously tune the network to respond to changing bandwidth demands.

Thank you to Coherent Solutions for sponsoring our badge lanyards

Coherent Solutions is the world-leader in PXI optical test and measurement. Our portfolio of PXI optical test modules is rapidly expanding to meet the needs of engineers and scientists around the globe. From enabling pioneering experiments to driving highly-efficient production testing, you’ll find us working with customers to solve complex problems with simple and elegant solutions. Over 15 years of experience designing and building advanced coherent optical communications instruments gives us the expertise to quickly and cost-effectively customize our products to meet your requirements. Contact us today at

Thank you to Effect Photonics for joining us as 2018 Whats on Guide sponsor.

As a spin out of the prestigious Technical University of Eindhoven, EFFECT Photonics takes a platform approach to integration using high-yielding building blocks within the wafer.  Growing different quaternary alloys of Indium Phosphide on a single wafer means that all of the active and passive optical functions of a system can be created within a single chip, which is then combined with simple packaging, designed for high-volume, low-cost manufacture from the very start.

The key enabling technology for DWDM systems is full monolithic integration of all photonic components within a single chip and being able to produce these in volume with high yield at low cost. With this capability, EFFECT Photonics is addressing the need for low cost DWDM solutions driven by the soaring demand for high bandwidth connections between datacenters and back from mobile cell towers.

EFFECT Photonics develops and delivers highly integrated optical products based on InP (Indium Phosphide) which is the material of choice for creating efficient laser light sources, waveguides, modulators, and photodiodes used in optical communication systems throughout the world.

Thank you to Inphi for joining us as 2018 Market Focus sponsor.

Inphi Corporation is a leader in high-speed data movement interconnects. We move big data fast, throughout the globe, between data centers, and inside data centers. Inphi's expertise in signal integrity results in reliable data delivery, at high speeds, over a variety of distances. As data volumes ramp exponentially due to video streaming, social media, cloud-based services, and wireless infrastructure, the need for speed has never been greater. That's where we come in. Customers rely on Inphi's solutions to develop and build out the Service Provider and Cloud infrastructures, and data centers of tomorrow. To learn more about Inphi, visit


Thank you to Intel for sponsoring the aisle banners in 2018 

Intel makes possible the most amazing experiences of the future. 
You may know us for our processors. But we do so much more. Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society, and for every person on Earth. 
Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, the latest advances in memory and programmable solutions, and the promise of always-on 5G connectivity, Intel is disrupting industries and solving global challenges. Leading on policy, diversity, inclusion, education and sustainability, we create value for our stockholders, customers and society. To learn more about Intel, visit

Thank you to Molex for sponsoring our 2018 Exhibition Maps
Molex solves complex optical challenges for the world’s innovators by anticipating and delivering what our customers need most. From a globally integrated approach to seamless collaboration, we bring expertise and innovation together to help bring your product vision to reality. Our operations work closely with yours to deliver results wherever you are by leveraging our heritage of innovation and bringing incomparable expertise to the complex electronic solutions of tomorrow.

Thank you to Tektronix for sponsoring the Official ECOC Exhibition Show Guide

Tektronix is a leading worldwide provider of innovative test, measurement  and monitoring solutions. 

We are committed to help and support scientists, engineers and technicians around the world who defines the future, and rely on a partner to embrace the technological challenge in their innovation. 

Tektronix has been at the forefront of the information age and is driving todays innovation from 10GBASE-T, PAM4, to 100G/400G/1T and beyond.

Join the journey of innovation at UK.TEK.COM