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Molex 100G PAM-4 Based 25G/50G/100G/400G Product Solutions for Next Generation Data Center and 5G Wireless Applications

Created July 2018

Stand 606 

Molex portfolio of 100G and 400G products based on its 100G PAM-4 optical platform, including multi-Rate 25G/50G/100G PAM-4 DWDM QSFP28, 100G FR QSFP28, 400G DR4 and 400G FR4 QSFP-DD and OSFP support high bandwidth requirements for a wide range of applications across intra-data center, data center interconnect (DCI) and 5G wireless.
100G PAM-4 technology lays the foundation for cost-effective and high-density 400G solutions and  Molex is actively promoting an industry-wide adoption of 100G PAM-4 technologies through standards such as the IEEE, and multi-source agreement (MSA) forums such as the 100G Lambda MSA.