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ECAD HKD high-performance serial printing – from the prototype to series production

Created June 2018

Made in Germany at the Ahrensburg location. Triggered by Digitisation & Industry 4.0 (IoT), more and more different innovative products with ever shorter lifecycles are required.

High-performance serial printing is an indispensable part of the solution. With its enormous potential, it is the only way to realise economies of scale in product development, production and supply chains. Geometrically complex components can now be implemented efficiently. The new process offers the development and production of parts that cannot be produced with traditional manufacturing techniques or only with great effort.

Developers finally have the option of free design of the geometry. They are not subject to any restrictions and investments in tools are no longer necessary. We offer our customers unlimited flexibility and at the same time reduced costs – both during prototyping and in series production. The new technology guarantees a smooth development process. Designs are printed and tested directly. Any possible design errors can be detected at an early stage and can be corrected quickly.