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MRV plugs optical DCI flexibility gap?

Created May 11, 2017

Data Centre Interconnect specialist MRV Communications™ Inc has unveiled the OD-4-DCI, its new optical transport platform aimed at the DCI market. Part of MRV’s OptiDriver® family of WDM metro transport solutions, the OD-4-DCI is designed to enable modular, ultra-high density DCI in a compact 1RU form factor with stackable management, and so offer higher bandwidth point-to-point connections between data centres.

MRV points out that, with rapidly changing bandwidth needs, flexibility in DCI is a valuable commodity. The company notes that OptiDriver line cards, that are supported by the OD-4-DCI chassis, exclusively use pluggable optics. This facilitates pay-as-you-grow bandwidth capacity expansion. Additionally, pluggable optics means that data centre operators only have to invest CapEx as needed, enabling them to adopt the most current optical innovations.

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