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Created October 10, 2016

Wave2Wave Solution has expanded its EDGE cable fabric family with the addition of QSFP28 copper-based, direct attached cables (DAC). With this addition, the EDGE cable fabric family now supports a broad set of data rates to meet businesses data centre infrastructure needs.

EDGE is a single cable product family to build a network fabric for spine-and-leaf, data centre infrastructure, and server rack-and-stack environments. It simplifies infrastructure design and purchasing as it allows for all needed items to be purchased within a single family enabling businesses to standardize their cable infrastructure and testing across all systems. The QSFP28 DAC offering supports higher data rates – now up to 100Gbp/s – with near-zero wire speed latency and no power consumption, reducing data centre energy use, CAPEX and OPEX. These offerings are ideal for applications including fibre channel over Ethernet; data storage; and data centre, storage area, telecommunications and enterprise networks.

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