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9th August 2016

AT&T and IBM are working together to help businesses accelerate their Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. The two companies will combine their strengths in cognitive computing and global connectivity to create open standards-based tools on the IBM Cloud to enable developers to more quickly build and implement a wide variety of IoT solutions.

Open standards-based tools allow developers to improve their skills and avoid the churn of learning new tools, which helps protect the investments businesses have made in IoT solution development. As demand for IoT solutions grows, so does the demand for skilled IoT developers. According to the VisionMobile 2016 Internet of Things Megatrends report, nearly 10 million developers will be active in IoT by 2020, doubling the estimated 5 million today. As businesses discover the need to more efficiently develop and bring IoT solutions to market, they must invest in developers to stay competitive.

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