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SMART Photonics just started it’s 10th commercial MPW run for PICs on InP.

Created June 17, 2016

As an independent developer and producer of photonic components on InP, SMART Photonics has just started it’s 10th commercial MPW run for creating PICs on InP. In 2013 they started the first commercial MPW run on InP in the world offering commercial access to a new generic integration technology. Almost 200 different chip designs have since been produced and the first products are now even entering the pilot production phase. Using the regular scheduled MPW shuttles, PIC designs can easily, and at low cost, be tested and developed. As such the MPW runs are a SMART and fast way of getting new PIC designs on the market. A PDK that has been made available through the Phoenix software will offer you the opportunity to design your own PICs!

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