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16th February 2016
The Micos underground chamber offers a comprehensive fibre connecting solution for microduct systems intended for underground installation. The lower part of the chamber is used to terminate incoming microducts with waterblocks. 
The cables continue through the dividing bottom into the upper part, where reserves are stored in prepared fittings. Instead of a standard dome closure, the fibres are connected in a simpler box mounted on a stand. After finishing the assembly, the box with cable reserves is placed in the chamber, installed in a pre-selected location and covered by a “bell” that creates an air pocket. The air pocket ensures that ground water cannot reach the box, preventing its flooding. Therefore, the box itself does not need IP 68 ingress protection, which in practice depends on the quality of the technician’s work, often resulting in flooded enclosures. The bell also provides additional protection against mechanical damage. And the solution includes a locking collar that fixes the bell and increases protection against unauthorised entry.