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Icotera challenging the global OLT-ONT vendors on the GPON ONT market

16th February 2016

Icotera, FTTH CPEs for Point-to-Point networks and vendor independent ONTs for GPON networks developer, will focus on their new vendor independent GPON ONT product for this year’s event. 

On top of the full-range Fibre Gateway solutions that converts the optical signal to triple-play services, all the company’s gateways have an integrated cloud-based Smart Home platform that offers great advantages for end-users, together with opportunities for additional revenue streams for ISPs.
One of products Icotera will showcase is the new GPON ONT gateway. The GPON ONT market is still dominated by lock-in effects from global vendors that are both supplying the OLT and ONT products. By having both products, the global vendors have so far been successful at creating vendor dependence for their offering, locking in ISPs to one vendor. With Icotera’s vendor independent residential ONT gateway – that delivers triple-play services with a best-in-class Wi-Fi solution and opportunity for activating a Smart Home platform – Icotera is offering ISPs flexibility of choice and a strong solution to their need for better, more intelligent ONTs with a stronger feature set.
Many ISPs across Europe using different OLT platforms have shown great interest in the new ONT product, confirming that there is a huge demand in the market for new agile ONT vendors that can deliver truly customized ONT solutions to individual needs. Icotera’s CEO, Peter Lund shared his thoughts on the ONT product:  “We expect it is going to be a high volume product. It is a very strong offering, addressing customer needs for a high-quality product from an agile company that takes pride in delivering customized solutions, with a strong feature-set as well as an attractive design”. The Icotera ONT product is compliant with the most common OLT platforms, and work is in progress for the integration of multiple other OLT platforms.