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Created January 18, 2016

PMC-Sierra, the semiconductor and software solutions developer for optical networking, presented at the International Wireless Industry Consortium Interactive Technical Workshop, Evolving Transport Networks, Opportunities and Challenges for Wireless Fronthaul/Backhaul, between January 12-14, held in San Jose, California.

Scott Wakelin, senior product line manager for PMC’s Communications Business Unit, gave a talk entitled “Mobile Fronthaul: Solutions for 4G and 5G Networks.” His presentation included a detailed overview of industry trends in mobile Radio Access Networks (RAN), including the evolution of CPRI Rates, centralized baseband processing, and the need for mobile fronthaul networks. He also described the critical requirements of the latest mobile fronthaul networks; and fronthaul network technology alternatives with a specific focus on the benefits of OTN networks for scalable, carrier-grade CPRI fronthaul.

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