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September 24th 2015

Access to cost-effective 400 Gb/s systems is now possible with TeraXion’s InP-based modulators.


Next-generation single wavelength transmission systems beyond 100 Gb/s bring complex challenges that require high modulation performance, power efficiency and small dimensions. Modulators with low drive voltages are consequently necessary to minimize power dissipation of high port density systems. In addition, a high modulation bandwidth increases spectral efficiency by enabling higher symbol rate applications necessary for 200 Gb/s, 400 Gb/s and beyond. Small footprint characteristics are equally imperative to enable compact transceiver modules.

“Our commercially available indium phosphide modulators are ready to meet system requirements for 100 Gb/s and upcoming advanced modulation formats”, said Ian Woods, V.-P. High Speed Photonic Components at TeraXion. “This accessibility comes directly from our modulators’ capability of reaching higher bandwidths up to 40 GHz while being small and Vπ efficient”, he declared. “Our modulators indeed offer unique low Vπ drive voltage down to 1.5 V”, Woods added. “TeraXion has been sampling 400 Gb/s-ready IQ modulators since the beginning of this year and customers are actively advising us that their general performance is superior to lithium niobate modulators, particularly at higher symbol rates”, he stated.

TeraXion’s InP-based modulators high bandwidth response can enable increased spectral efficiency and reach. In collaboration with academic and industry partners, compelling single wavelength 400 Gb/s system performances have been demonstrated, so far only possible using a TeraXion InP DP-IQM package that exhibits a bandwidth greater than 35 GHz.

“Our work with these partners demonstrates the clear benefits of using high bandwidth modulators for single carrier 400 Gb/s applications and supports TeraXion’s leading role in making these future enabling technologies accessible”, said Woods. TeraXion’s chip-on-carriers are available as well for co-packaging with laser, drivers or receivers.

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