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Enhanced ILAFID+ with SNMP and WiFi on display during ECOC 2015

22nd July 2015
The ILAFID+ is enhanced by OPTRONICS TECHNOLOGIES SA and now offers an SNMP interface.
Two and four fibers monitoring versions are available. Communication is now possible over WiFi link also.
ILAFID+ is a live fiber detector used in the fiber optic link to generate an alarm when signal is lost in the network for any reason (cable breakage, transmitter failure, faulty patchcord disconnection, etc) caused at the physical layer of the installed infrastructure.
ILAFID+ applications include
Active Fiber Monitoring without interrupting live traffic,
Dark Fibre Monitoring is done by use of additional external source and passive WDM
Mobile Backhauling monitoring
The system can also incorporate environmental and electrical sensing as Temperature/Humidity, Motion, Air flow, Water leakage/flood, Electrical Power (voltage/current) by use of suitable sensors.
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