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17 May 2012
Facebook is expanding in Europe.  TeliaSoneria International Carrier, a subsidiary of the Swedish operator TeliaSonera, has been selected to build and operate a pan-European managed optical network for the social networking giant.
The next-generation multi-terabit optical network will provide Facebook with connectivity between Internet exchange points in multiple European cities and its newest data centre on the edge of the Arctic Circle in Luleå, Sweden. 
Facebook plans to build multiple data centres in Luleå, the first of which is expected to start operating in 2013. The location was chosen for its cold climate, allowing Facebook to use outside air to cool the servers in the building, and because of nearby hydropower.
The choice of TeliaSonera International Carrier isn’t surprising, as the Swedish carrier owns extensive fibre-optic infrastructure in the region.  The company’s global network spans more than 43,000 km (26,000 miles), making it one of the world’s largest. And TeliaSonera International Carrier will manage Facebook’s network from its network operation centre in Karlstad, Sweden.
Facebook is expected to pass over 1 billion active users during 2012.  The company is preparing for a blockbuster public offering that could raise as much as $100 billion.
By Pauline Rigby