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Ekinops introduces novel 20G transponder

22 February 2012
Ekinops has launched a dual-10Gbps line-card transponder. The card is designed to further reduce the cost of 10Gbps optical transport, claims the French equipment maker.


"This is one line with two 10 Gigs on it, spaced at 50GHz,” said Rob Adams, vice president of global marketing and product line management at Ekinops. “The line for this module can be inserted directly into our 50GHz multiplexers, or somebody else's 50GHz multiplexers, to upgrade an existing system.”
The equipment maker will not describe how it has implemented the optical design. However, Ekinops' existing 10Gbps line card already integrates all the associated electronics within its T-Chip (transport on a chip) compact FPGA design. "We have consolidated everything into an FPGA. If you pick up one of our boards, you will just see one chip,” said Adams. 
For its latest transponder, the electronics for the two 10Gbps channels are now integrated within the one T-Chip. 
The 20Gbps transponder is designed for use with the Ekinops 360 platform. The transponder is already in volume production and is deployed in several networks. One customer Ekinops has announced is Steadfast Networks.
In November 2011, Ekinops announced its 100Gbps coherent design for the 360 platform (see Ekinops intros compact, flexible 100G design). The 100Gbps design uses dual-polarisation quadrature phase-shift keying (DP-QPSK) coherent technology and supports 80 x 100Gbps wavelengths with a 2,000-km reach before regeneration. The reach is achieved using Ekinops' proprietary forward error correction scheme.
Ekinops targets the service provider and data centre infrastructure markets.
By Roy Rubenstein