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12 December 2011
Cortina Systems had launched the CS605x family of transport processors, which support 100 Gigabit Ethernet and Optical Transport Network (OTN). The application-specific standard product (ASSP) family is aimed at DWDM platforms, packet-optical transport systems, carrier Ethernet switch routers and IP edge and core routers. The family can also be used in data centre top-of-rack Ethernet aggregation switches.
"Our traditional business in OTN has been in the WDM market," said Alex Afshar, product line manager, transport products at Cortina Systems. "What we see now is demand across all those platforms."
The CS605x extends Cortina's existing CS604x 40Gbps OTN transport processor family launched in April 2011. The new CS605x devices aggregate 40Gbps Ethernet or OTN streams into 100Gbps, or map data between 100 Gigabit Ethernet and OTN frames. Combining devices from the two families enables 10 and 40Gbps OTN/ Ethernet traffic to be aggregated into 100Gbps streams.
The CS6051 is the 100 Gigabit family's flagship device. The CS6051 can interface directly to three 40Gbps optical modules or to the 100Gbps CFP and 12x10Gbps CXP modules. The device also supports the Interlaken interface to 120Gbps (10x12.5Gbps) to interface to network processors, traffic managers and FPGAs.
The CS6051 supports several forward error correction (FEC) codes including the standard G.709, a 9.4dB coding gain FEC with only a 7% overhead, and an "ultra-FEC" whose strength can be varied with overhead, from 7% to 20%.
The CS6053 is similar to the CS6051 but uses a standard G.709 FEC only, aimed at system vendors with their own powerful FECs. The CS6052 supports Ethernet and OTN mapping but not aggregation while the CS6054 supports Ethernet only.      
The devices consume between 10W and 12W. CS605x ASSP samples have been available since October and will be in volume production in the first half of 2012.
By Roy Rubenstein