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12 December 2011
3S Photonics Group has acquired optical amplifier specialist Manlight for an undisclosed sum.  The combination brings the key technologies for erbium-doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs) under the control of one company.


3S Photonics is the former Alcatel Optronics, which became Avanex France in 2003 and was then bought out by chief executive Alexandre Krivine in 2007.  The current 3S Photonics Group was created in February 2010 after 3S Photonics purchased US telecoms company Avensys Corp. The group is now 83% owned by private equity firm Eurazeo, which injected €37 million in October.
3S Photonics manufactures optical components for telecoms, industrial, and sensor applications across two production sites – optoelectronic chips are made in Nozay, France, and fibre Bragg gratings in Montreal, Canada.  The undersea telecoms market is one of the historical core strengths of the business, notably high-power pump lasers for undersea communications.
Manlight was established with the assets of Highwave Optical Technologies, a French manufacturer of high-power fibre lasers and amplifiers.  The acquisition by 3S Photonics gives the company direct access to pump laser technology.
"We are very pleased to have completed the Manlight acquisition with the help of Eurazeo as this deal fits perfectly into the development strategy we have established for 3S Photonics," said Krivine. "The Manlight product range allows us to expand our offer for our historical telecom customers, and to continue the diversification of our activities by promoting Group components linked to the LIDAR and industrial fiber laser markets."
Manlight and its 30 employees will become a subsidiary of 3S Photonics Group.  Eric Delevaque, founder and former Highwave Optical Technologies CEO, was named as Manlight’s general manager.
By Pauline Rigby