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Oclaro adds 100G to its optical transponder offerings

6 December 2011
Oclaro has detailed its 100Gbps coherent optical module, which will become available from the second quarter of 2012. The MI 8000XM is a 5x7-inch module and expands Oclaro's range of coherent offerings. The company is already shipping in volume a 40Gbps coherent module.

 The advent of 100Gbps long-haul optical modules from several vendors will boost the uptake of the high-capacity links in the core network. Opnext announced in September its 100Gbps long-haul optical module, which it will start shipping in April 2012. 

Having a choice of coherent optical modules enables system vendors that have not developed their own 100Gbps technology to enter the marketplace. It also presents those system vendors that have 100Gbps technology in-house with a dilemma: do they continue to evolve their products or embrace optical modules? 
“These system vendors have developed [100Gbps] in-house to have a strategic differentiator, but with lower volumes you have a higher cost,” said Per Hansen, vice president of product marketing, optical network solutions at Oclaro. With 100Gbps modules the strategic advantage of an in-house solution is diminishing now that system vendors can benefit from cheaper, broadly available modules, he says.
Oclaro has yet to detail the reach performance of the module but says it will meet the Optical Internetworking Forum's (OIF) 100Gbps module maximum power consumption requirement of 80W.
The module uses NTT Electronics' (NEL) analogue/digital converter-digital signal processor (DSP) chip, the same device that Opnext is using for its 100Gbps module. The ASIC uses soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC). Opnext has said this adds 2—3dB to the optical performance to achieve a transmission reach of 1500—1600km before regeneration.
By Roy Rubenstein