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25 November 2011
Global capital expenditure (capex) by service providers will grow 6% this year to $311 billion (€230 billion). So claims a report by Infonetics Research. The operators' revenues are also up, growing 7.6% in 2011 to reach $1.86 trillion. Operator revenue growth in 2010 was 4.1%.
The market research firm expects revenues to grow continually to 2015 to total $2.17 trillion, driven by mobile broadband.
Global carrier capex spending is up on every type of next-generation telecom equipment except TDM voice this year. The fastest-growing segments are WiMAX equipment, up 27.5%, and video infrastructure, up nearly 21%.
The largest investment areas remain non-telecom/ datacom equipment such as software, real estate and labour, which is up 7% this year; and mobile infrastructure, up 8.6%.
Asia Pacific will continue to be the largest telecom carrier capex region through 2015, driven by China Mobile, which was the world’s largest mobile operator by revenue in 2010. Wireless operators will grow to account for nearly one third of all telecom carrier capex by 2015.
The market research firms also says that the debt crisis paralysing Europe will have little impact on its telecom capex forecast as long as credit to the industry remains available at a fair price. 
Infonetics’ study addresses the service providers' capex, operational expenditure, average revenue per user, and subscribers, by operator, region and telecom equipment.
By Roy Rubenstein