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22 March 2011
Over the last few years, Google has been doing the conference circuit to talk about its technological desires, to make sure the market responds to its need.  And the Optical Society of America (OSA) Executive Forum, a one-day seminar that precedes OFC/NFOEC, was no exception, with Google senior network architect Bikash Koley appearing twice.
This approach has worked for Google in the past.  At the ECOC Market Focus Forum in Turin last September, Koley asked the assembled components vendors to develop a new 100G optical module format based on 10 channels of 10Gbps.  A few short months later, Brocade, Google, JDSU, and Santur announced the formation of the 10x10 MSA to meet that particular need.
Google’s optical wish list seems to have grown in the meantime, and now includes large-port-count optical crossconnects, and variable bit-rate, 100G coherent optics for long-haul applications, to name but a few of the items on it.  For the complete run down of what Google is and isn’t looking for when connecting its optical networks and data centres, read Lightwave Editor Steven Hardy’s blog: Google's optical shopping list.
By Pauline Rigby.