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16 March 2011.
ADVA Optical Networking has entered the long-haul market by enhancing the wavelength provisioning and performance of its established FSP 3000 platform. Three technology components – an advanced reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM), 100 Gpbs transport and an advanced control plane - have been added to enable more flexible provisioning of high-speed DWDM lightpaths.
The FSP 3000 uses 100 Gbps coherent detection. According to the system vendor, the platform can support up to 96, 100 Gbps wavelengths 50GHz apart. Coherent detection technology can compensate for dispersion introduced by the optical fibre on routes up to 2,500km.
The ROADM supports a full suite of enhanced features such as colourless, directionless and contentionless.  Colourless and directionless features are already supported by ADVA and allow lightpaths to be added and routed through any port without manual intervention.
Contentionless operation ensures that blocking caused by same-wavelength lightpaths at a network node is avoided. The ROADM is also gridless, a future-proofing feature to ensure that 400Gbps and greater transmissions speeds will be supported if they adopt signalling based on non-standard ITU channel spacings.
The third element added to enable agile optical networking is a Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) control plane. GMPLS will enable a fast, automated response to bandwidth requirements originating at the IP/MPLS layer, says the company. Indeed a GMPLS control plane is what is required if the enhanced optical transmission performance of 100Gbps coherent detection and optical switching enabled by an advanced ROADM are to be fully exploited.
One operator has told market research firm ACG Research that while GMPLS control of routing and optical circuits has been discussed for a decade, ADVA Optical Networking is one company that has thought through just how such systems should work together. ACG Research believes that ADVA’s Optical Networking’s enhanced FSP 3000 will improve the company’s position with tier-one operators and content providers.
The FSP 3000 Agile Core Express will be available from Q3 2011.
By Roy Rubenstein