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14 February 2011
Alcatel-Lucent claims it is the first vendor to offer broadband access platforms supporting XG-PON1, the 10 Gigabit GPON standard.  The vendor has developed an XG-PON1 line card for use in its ISAM access nodes that deliver copper and fibre-based broadband.
XG-PON1 is the asymmetrical version of the 10 Gigabit GPON standard providing 10Gbps data rates downstream (to the user) and 2.5Gbps upstream.This compares to GPON which delivers 2.5Gbps downstream and 1.25Gbps upstream.
Alcatel-Lucent’s XG-PON1 line card has four 10 Gigabit GPON ports, and can be used with its existing ISAM-FD products and its latest ISAM-FX high-capacity shelves.
Three ISAM-FX shelves have been announced that accommodate four, eight and 16 line cards. The ISAM-FX shelves have a dual-100Gbps backplane capacity, compared to the ISAM-FD which has a 2x10Gbps capacity. The ISAM-FX shelves house up to two controllers and the role of the backplane is to connect each line card to each controller. 100Gbps is the capacity linking each line card to each of the two controllers.
The controller acts as a central processing unit taking traffic from the line cards and packaging it for the network uplink. Each controller has a 480Gbps switching matrix, four 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks and service intelligence to process the traffic flows.
Alcatel-Lucent says initial deployments of XG-PON1 will start in the second half of this year with more widespread deployments occurring in 2012. “The first deployments will likely be in Asia Pacific but we are seeing strong interest from other regions,” says Vanhastel, pictured below.  This is also the view of Infonetics Research. However, the market research firm forecasts 10 Gigabit GPON global deployments will only reach two million ports by 2014.
Stefaan Vanhastel
 Stefaan Vanhastel
Meanwhile, Alcatel-Lucent is trialling XG-PON2 with operators Verizon and Portugal Telecom. XG-PON2 is a work-in-progress that supports 10Gbps symmetrical (downstream and upstream) streams.
By Roy Rubenstein.