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New subsea cable to provide alternate Asia-Africa route

Created June 12, 2017

A new submarine cable system, IOX Cable System, will enhance communications capabilities along the more than 8,850 km of its route between India and South Africa. When laid, the new fibre system will provide the first open cable in Mauritius, and connect for the first time the island of Rodrigues.  Providing an ultimate design capacity of over 13 Tb/s per fibre pair, the system will also deliver  connectivity to current and future undersea cables on the east and west coast of Africa, and operate as a gateway to the continent and as a new alternate route between Asia and Africa.

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FiberFox showcase Mini 4S and 6S

Created June 8, 2017

FiberFox will use this year’s AngaCom to showcase their Mini 4S and 6S alignment splicers.

Both splicers offer rugged durability, with anti-shock, up to 1 metre height, dustproof and waterproof functionality, and a full touch screen with GUI interface and tempered glass.

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Yokogawa releases entry-level OTDR

Created June 7, 2017

Yokogawa is adding an entry-level model, the AQ1000, to its range of OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer) test instruments.

The new instrument joins the existing mid-range AQ1200 series and the high-end AQ7280 series, and is specifically designed to increase the productivity of field personnel working on the installation and deployment of optical access networks.

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Albis Optoelectronics extends portfolio of mounted photodiodes

Created June 6, 2017

Albis Optoelectronics recently confirmed further expansion of its portfolio of mounted photodiodes, with the development of its avalanche and pin photodiode portfolio, which can now be supplied as flip-chip bonded or wire-bonded devices on customized 2D or 3D (wrap-around) carriers.

The PS20X4 consists of an array of four, flip-chip soldered 28 Gbps lensed photodiodes that can be used as the core building block inside a 100G ROSA module.

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RfoG solutions upbeat on OBI

Created June 6, 2017

RF over Glass (RFoG) holds the promise of enabling Multiple System Operators (MSOs) to economically beef up their broadband fibre access capabilities. However, RFoG take-up has been somewhat constrained by Optical Beat Interference (OBI), the signal degradation phenomenon triggered by multiple optical transmitters communicating with closely spaced wavelengths at the same time over the same fibre.

Two new RFoG solutions claim to significantly alleviate the problem.

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Israeli start-up targets silicon photonics packaging

Created June 1, 2017

Teramount has developed a technique to simplify the packaging of silicon photonics chips. Instead of using active alignment whereby an external laser is required to accurately connect a fibre to the chip, the Israeli start-up has developed a passive alignment technique.

“If we want silicon photonics to ramp up to volume, it has to meet CMOS standards both in terms of fabrication and packaging,” says Hesham Taha, co-founder and CEO of Teramount, headquartered in Jerusalem.

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Optical Connections Magazine Summer edition out now

Created May 31, 2017

The next issue of Optical Connections Magazine is now available to read online or download.

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Vodafone select BKT Elektronik for UK exchange renewal project

Created May 30, 2017

BKT Elektronik recently announced that Vodafone has selected its custom-made ODF and connectivity suite for its nationwide UK exchange renewal project.

The solution is designed from the ground up in direct response to Vodafone’s requirements for a new future-proof deployment with the added benefit of backward compatibility for installation into their legacy network. Andrew Wilson, UK and Ireland BKT Business Development Manager explains, “As a manufacturer we were able to address a very long list of disparate future-proofing requirements that Vodafone knew from experience it was going to need; something other big names were unable to match. Working closely with Vodafone our engineering excellence and ability to quickly prototype and react have been clear winners throughout.” The result is a suite of ODF frames built to house 1U and 2U 19” mini-ODFs plus a brand new splice field. All 19” components have built-in adaptability to legacy racks such as the TEP1E and Ciena 6500. “Vodafone is now very satisfied and, with our commitment to ongoing product development, set up for the foreseeable future. Our solution is also applicable in many other operator environments.”, continued Andrew.

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Keymile expand broadband solutions portfolio

Created May 30, 2017

Keymile has expanded its portfolio of broadband solutions, with the launch of the MileGate 3510, a new GPON OLT for passive fibre optic networks which allows network operators to run FTTB and FTTH fibre optic networks using passive optical infrastructures. Installed in a 6 HU subrack, the MileGate 3510 offers high port density of up to 96 GPON ports. As uplink, it supports four 1/10 GbE Ethernet interfaces.

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Diamond announces fibre optic connector range for demanding applications

Created May 29, 2017

Diamond have announced the development of three new harsh environment connectors, the HE-2000, MIL-38999 DM and the MIL-83526 DM.

These customizable indoor/outdoor connectors are built around the Diamond Multipurpose (DM) insert and incorporate four terminal points that use two-component ferrules and are assembled with the company’s Active Core Alignment (A.C.A) process.

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