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Meet us at ECOC 2012, booth 558, to discuss about our new Modular Multi-Terabit Solution for Testing your Elastic Optical Network Designs

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and ID Photonics developed a modular test solution that provides a comprehensive way to design and test future ultra-high capacity network architectures up to 54 Tb/s for the coherent transmission era using various modulation formats and channel configurations with unsurpassed ease of operation. 

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JGR’s new OA5 optical programmable attenuators enable precise optical power control

JGR’s new OA5 optical programmable attenuators enable precise optical power control and feature high accuracy and superior repeatability making them ideal for lab and production applications including power level adjustment in automated test systems, BER testing of transmitter and receivers and channel equalization in WDM systems.

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OIF Demonstrations at ECOC

The Optical Internetworking Forum is hosting a demonstration of multi-vendor operation of the issued CEI-25G-LR and the draft CEI-28G-VSR implementation agreements at ECOC 2012, Booth #269. 

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TUNICS T100S-HP/CL: High-Power Tunable Laser

Yenista Optics new tunable laser will be unveiled at ECOC 2012: the TUNICS T100S-HP/CL – where HP stands for “High Power”.  The new Yenista laser provides an output power of at least 10 dBm over the whole tuning range from 1500 to 1630 nm. It guarantees a signal to source spontaneous emission ratio (SSSER) higher than 90 dB.

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The PSf optical interface is designed for free space applications (injection or output) of high power intensities. It uses our Expanded Beam end-cap technology and diminishes the occurrence of fibre burn due to small particles at the interface.

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An introduction to fiber-to-the-home technology, and a comprehensive approach to deploying passive optical networks, EXFO’s FTTH PON testing guide offers a detailed review of PON-related technical aspects, specifications and performance requirements.

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