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"Market Focus sessions were very informative and on the edge .... the best attended part
of the show in my eyes and one that got a lot of discussion afterwards

(Exhibition Visitor, 2015)

Timetable to be annouced shortly - 5G and IoT on the agenda 

The role of fibre in 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), multilayer coordination and the increasing need for gigabit ethernet capacity will be key topics at this year’s European Conference on Optical Communications Exhibition (ECOC), with event organisers Nexus Media Events Ltd today announcing its topics for the Market Focus sessions.

After celebrating its tenth anniversary in Dusseldorf in 2016, Market Focus will once again provide a platform for industry professionals to gain knowledge of and insights into the advancements made in the latest optical communications technologies.

The 2017 sessions – which will be held as part of the ECOC Exhibition in Gothenburg from Monday, September 18 to Wednesday, September 20 – features a broad range of current industry topics, including for the first time, sessions on Multilayer Coordination, the role of photonics in the IoT and the development of standards for 5G.

2017 Topics 

Service and content provider optical transmission

- State of the optical transport market
- 100G and 400G transmission standards
- 100G for metro networks
- Scaling capacity with DWDM super-channels
- Optical Transport Network (OTN)
- Intersatellite communication
- Design & planning software
- Testing high-speed services, networks and components
- Embedded network monitoring and diagnostics


Optical Network Agility/Software Defined Networks

- Mesh network architectures
- Colourless, directionless, contentionless ROADMs
- “Gridless” networking: an emerging requirement?
- Rate-adaptable and tunable transceivers
- Network automation and control plane standards
- Core and add/drop routing technologies
- Open optical line systems

Datacenters: Optics in Cloud Computing

- High-speed storage area networking (SAN) architectures
- Datacenter switching
- High density multi-Tb/s optical interconnect
- 100G/400/600 GbE optics
- Parallel optics and active optical cables
- Energy Efficient Ethernet and green data centres
- High-performance computing requirements
- Integrated (Black Box) xs. disaggregated (White Box) Networking

Photonics integration and digital silicon photonics

- Optoelectronic integration trends and applications
- Progress in silicon photonics and hybrid silicon lasers
- High speed converters and digital signal processors
- Optical and digital signal processing
- Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs)
- Optical Intergrated circuit and ASIC/DSP development
- Chip-to-chip communications
- Small form factor & coherent pluggables
- CMOS vs. InP photonics
- Beyond the gold box
- Service providers
- PAM4
- Chip-on-board and board mounted client optics

Fibre access

- The global fibre to the premises (FTTP) market
- Optical access network architectures
- Total solutions supplier for FTTX
- Fibre to the antenna for 5G/LTE mobile networks
- Low-cost components for WDM / high-speed PON
- Alignment equipment and fibre optic connector cleaning
- Innovative cable installation and management methods
- Plastic optical fibre and in-home cabling
- Optical backhaul/fronthaul for mobile
- Residential and commercial
- 5G standards
- Photonics role in Internet of Things

Multilayer Coordination

- Packet-optical transport systems
- IP/optical convergence: best of breed vs integrated
- Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-TP
- Towards all-optical routing and switching



Market Focus 2016 - download the presentations

In 2016 Market Focus featured presentations from leading companies including Intel, Ovum, Cignal AI, LightCounting, Huawei, Deutsche Telekom, Lumentum, Ericsson, Facebook, NeoPhotonics, BT and FTTH Council Europe.
Market Focus presentations 
Some of the excellent presentations from Market Focus 2016 are available to access on our website. Please note that not all companies allow us to share their presentations.

Market Focus Committee

The Committee is the decision-making force behind the presentation selection process and includes representatives from across the optical communications space - telecom operators, system vendors and component manufacturers to industry analyst groups and independent industry bodies.
Chaired by Per Danielsen, editor of Telekommunikation, the experienced Committee includes: Pierpaolo Ghiggino of NIS Ltd, Wladek Forysiak of Aston University, Stephan Neidlinger from ADVA Optical Networking, Michael Lebby from Lightwave Logic, Daryl Inniss from OFS, Glenn Wellbrock from Verizon, Frank Chang from Inphi and photonics industry expert Bimal Nayar, from Network Rail.