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Stand Construction - Space Only

Exhibitors occupying a space only site should submit their plans no later than Monday 2nd July 2018. All plans will be sent over to the Fiera Roma for their approval before us the organisers can give final approval.

All plans must detail sizes, stand dimensions including the height and overall construction etc, for a "stand design check" by the organisers All space only stands must complete a risk assessment form for either complex or simple design and contain material certfication.

If any plans are received after this date we the organisers reserve the right to change the space to a shell scheme stand construction, which will result in additional cost to you the exhibitor. 


CLICK HERE  for the Space Only COMPLEX Safety File, including Risk Assessments. Please refer to the Risk Assessment section for Space Only's to clarify what information is required in these documents.  

CLICK HERE for the Space Only SIMPLE  Safety File including a simple Risk Assessment.  

NB: Simple construction would be modular and under 3.5m in height and can be constructed within approximately 1 day.

Complex structure can be any height but would take more than 1 day to construct. It would also be dependent on the design of the stand/material used and structural stability. 

For any questions to clarify the type of stand in which you will construct please contact the ECOC operations team

Complex Stands include any of the below:

  • Suspended items e.g lighting rigs
  • Sound/lighting Towers
  • Platforms over 0.6m in height and are for public use

Once the Fiera Roma and us the organisers have approved the stand design we will send an email as acknowledgement. All stands with ceilings and or above 4m's will be will need to supply technical specifications. 

Approval by the organisers does not constitute anything other than confirmation of acceptance of overall design.  Responsibility for construction, adherence to fire regulations, materials, etc, lies with the exhibitor and/or their contractors.

Space only stands are not permitted to attach any material to the shell scheme.  Exhibitors taking space only sites backing on to, surrounded by or adjoining shell scheme sites should not assume that panels facing their stand will be finished panels (ie covered with material) to these sites.  Please ensure that any panels overlooking other exhibitors must be finished off in a plain design and must not contain advertising.  Space only exhibitors booking stands between shell scheme must deduct 30mm from overall measurements to fit within the allotted space (eg a 3m x 2m space only site would in fact have floor dimensions of 2970mm x 1970mm).


Stand Design & Walling
These basic guidelines must be followed when designing exhibition stands for this event. They have been introduced to ensure an event that is welcoming and not intimidating to visitors with good sight lines and excellent traffic flow!

Where these design guidelines have not been followed stand build approval will not be issued.

  • Low walling is permitted to any open side of a stand to a maximum height of 1.2m. However, access to the stand on at least one side must be a minimum of 3m wide or 50% of the length of the wall if this is smaller (i.e the stand side is less than 6m in length). All stands must also meet with all relevant health & safety access/egress regulations.
  • Only 40% of any open side is permitted to be `full walling`– i.e if a stand is 12m wide a maximum of 4.8m of full walling will be permitted. 
  • Any build above the height of 1.2m is considered `full walling` and this includes trilite, flagnet, materials, voiles, screens, graphics, showcases, louvred materials, etc.
  • Fascia over open areas not more than 0.5m deep and not sited more 4m high (to the top of the fascia) and not less than 2.5m high (to the bottom of the fascia)

Please also remember:

  • The back of the stand should look as good as the front
  • Any damage caused to the venue structures will be charged to the offending Exhibitor
  • No logos or branding must be placed over a neighbouring stand
Stand Dividing Walls
Stand dividing walls are not normally included in the cost of utilising the floor space. Wall orders require support walls around every four metres. Support walls and other types of support maybe directed inwards towards the stand. No support walls or other forms of support may be removed without the written consent of the Svenska Massan. In the event of unauthorised removal, the exhibitor may be charged for the restoration thereof. Wall erection adjacent to walkways must be approved by the Svenska Massan. Following the Event the stand walls shall be cleared of staples, screws, nails, sticky patches. Destroyed walls will be charged to the exhibitor. Wallpapering is only permitted on chip clad walls and to the substrate not stapled or taped.
Small Space Only Stands/Basic Pop up Booths.
Please note it is your responsibility to order walling to separate yourselves from the neighbouring/adjoining stands (sides & back) or if you are an island, we still expect you to make the stand look presentable and have a back wall. We the organisers will not provide this walling. The cost is with you the exhibitor. This is a mandatory regulation. 
Enclosed Stand's
If an enclosed room or walling exceeds the 40% of the total stand square meterage, this will be viewed as a meeting room. We the organisers will relocate the stand area to another part of the hall. If you need further information regarding the relocation - please contact the Sales Manager Liam Taylor

If you do not declare the enclosed area and submit the plans, the Operations Team will contact you directly.

The stands may be constructed with the exhibitors own materials. Stand owners must ensure a neutral and clean design for the reverse of their stand walls over 2.50m in height. These must be in white, grey or beige so that their stand neighbours interests are not interfered with.

Stand walls bordering visitor aisles must include glass panels, alcoves and displays etc. in order to provide an open and friendly atmosphere in the exhibition stand at the event. No more than 40% of the stand facing any one aisle may be of the closed construction unless stated to the contrary in the conditions of participation. When constructing stands, care must be taken to ensure access is barrier free.

Construction materials and decor
Materials in stand walls and ceilings (decorative ceilings in textiles and other materials) shall be of type approved and fireproof materials i.e: not more flammable than wood. Chipboard, wood-fibre board (non-porous), plywood and similar materials are acceptable. Type approval or certification shall be accessible at the stand or other construction, unless it is in some other way that the material can be accepted. In the event of uncertainty from the Exhibition and Congress Centre's side, a simple test procedure can be carried out by the Exhibition & Congress Centre's Hall Manager.
Textiles and similar materials for covering walls or other decoration shall be impregnated to the level of fireproof. Corrugated board, styrofoam, straw and sawdust are not normally accepted as or in construction materials and decor. Textiles for use in ceilings shall be of woven netting type or so-called sprinkler fabric and shall be impregnated to the level of fireproof as the Exhibition & Congress Centres Premises are sprinkler fitted.
Roofs for superstructures or closed in constructions shall be built in accordance with the aforementioned. For material selection concerning roofing in excess of 30m2 the exhibition & congress centre's fire protection officer must be consulted. In the case of closed in constructions smoke detectors must be connected to the exhibition & congress centre's fire alarm system.
Access from Stands
Entrances/exits must be a minimum of 2.5m high and emergency exits must be at least 1.5m wide
  • Exits with doors opening directly onto a gangway must either open inwards or be recessed into the stand and must contain a vision panel or window. 
  • No floor shall be constructed having a slope in excess of 1 in 12
Items of Special Risk
Please ensure that the Organiser is aware if you will be having any of the following items on your stand:
  • Stepped access, ramps and balustrades
  • Helium & toy balloons or flagpoles
  • Dangerous & obnoxious substances including flammable oils, liquids & gases, compressed gases/ acetylene/LPG, also hot surfaces & naked flames
  • Working machinery & apparatus
  • Motor vehicles in the halls during open period
  • Audio visual displays & films
  • Activities on water, also water & water equipment of any kind – including water features
  • Radioactive substances
  • Closely seated audience
Hot Works 
Hot Work is not permitted within the Exhibition & Congress Centre not even during the build up or breakdown of the event without authorisation from the venue. There will be a decision made by the venue official once the application has been made to see if the work is feasible. Any hot work must be carried out by persons who hold a Hot Work Licence. Please contact us the Organisers to apply for this authorisation 
Painting and Handling of Chemicals
Products containing organic solvents may not be used within the Svenska Massan premises. Examples of these are contact adhesives, spray paint and sprays containing petroleum thinner as a solvent. In Sweden there is a general prohibition against the use of spray painting. You must apply for a permit - please contact us the Operations Team
If you do paint your stand walls you must clean up the area by removing paint can's etc. Any paint left on the venue floor will be charged a removal penalty fee by the Svenska Massan.
Saws, Sanders, Polishers & Tools
All electrical saw's, sanders and polishers must be fitted with extractors. This is a mandatory regulation. Only approved (i.e. CE certified) machines and tools may be used.
Space-only stand adjoining another space-only stand
Exhibitors on part-island sites must provide a partition walls between themselves and their neighbours. The Organisers will not provide walling between adjoining space-only sites. On back-to-back space only sites, neighbouring exhibitors may liaise with each other to ensure that at least one of them is building a wall and/or to arrange to share the cost, etc. Where Exhibitors are building individual walls, they must ensure that the back of any wall adjoining another stand is finished down to 2.5m high to a standard acceptable to the Organisers, in a neutral colour and without graphics. The organisers have the right to correct this on site and charge the exhibitor.

Please note stand approval does not mean that adjoining stand plans have been checked for compatibility.

Space-only stand adjoining a shell scheme stand
Where a space-only stand adjoins a shell scheme stand, the reverse side of the shell scheme wall may not be of display quality. The wall must not be used to hang graphics or exhibits. Any adjoining walls that are built above the height of the shell scheme (2.5m) must be finished down to this height to a standard acceptable to the Organisers, in a neutral colour and without graphics.
Ceilings in Stands
Stand areas may have a closed ceiling without sprinkler protection of 30sqm. However, in this case an area of at least 2.50 m in width must be of an open ceiling design around the closed ceilings. This also applies to the distance to neighbouring stand space unless the
necessary distance is otherwise ensured in consultation with the respective stand neighbour. That is, between two closed ceiling
areas, there must be an open ceiling area of at least 5.00 m in width. In this respect, it is immaterial whether they are situated on different stand spaces.
Sprinklers must be installed if more than 30 m2 of stand area has closed ceilings or the safety distance between stands with
closed ceilings is less than 5.00 m. Closed ceilings are not permitted on the top floor of two-storey stands. 
Meeting Rooms, Storage Cupboards & Closed Rooms
All meeting and storage rooms must have a visual panel/porthole within the door. This is a mandatory regulation for ECOC.
Carpet (own) & Carpet Removal - Mandatory for Space Only Stands
Carpets and other floor coverings must be laid with due regard to safety and may not protrude beyond the stand area. Only adhesive tape (e.g. PE or PP) may be used to fix such coverings and, when removed must leave no residues. Substances such as oil, grease, paint and similar materials must be removed from the hall floors immediately. Neither paint nor adhesives may be used on the hall floors. It is not permitted to anchor stand buildings to the floor of the halls. Any exhibitors wishing to dispose of their carpet must organise this through the venue.
Balloons & Flying Objects
The use of balloons filled with flammable gas is prohibited in the halls. Please contact the Operations team
Only laminated safety glass suitable for the relevant purpose may be used. Edges of panes of glass must be machined or protected in order to exclude any risk of injury. Tempered plate glass components must be marked at eye level. Any other appropriate versions may be permitted upon application, once the required specifications shall be submitted.
Constructional safety of stands
Exhibition stands together with their installations and exhibits, and any means of carrying advertising must be stable, so they do not jeopardise public safety and order, and in particular, do not present a hazard to life and health.  Exhibitors are responsible for the static safety and may be required to furnish proof of same.
Stand Design – General Appearance
Exhibitors are responsible for designing their stands, taking into account criteria that typify the event in question.  Partitions adjoining aisles used by visitors should create a more varied effect by the installation of showcases, niches, display and similar items.  Where the rear of the stand adjoins that of a neighbouring exhibitor, its appearance must be kept neutral, so as not to adversely affect the appearance of the other stand.
If approval is granted to exceed the construction height, the Exhibitor is required to erect a stable, white partition, free of joints directly next to the adjoining stand.
Advertising Material/Presentations & Noise
Lettering referring to the stand or exhibits, company or brand logos must not exceed the prescribed construction height.  They should contribute towards a harmonious overall impression.  Presentations, optical, slowly moving or acoustic forms of advertising are permitted, as is the reproduction of music, provided that they do not cause annoyance to adjoining stands, to congest in the aisles, or drown out announcements by the fair authorities in the halls.  The volume must not exceed 80 dB (A) at the boundaries of the stand, loudspeakers must be mounted facing into the stand. Wireless Microphones may not be used without permission - please contact the Operations Team. Exhibitors are only permitted to distribute printed matter and to conduct advertising on their own stand
Interference with the permanent building structure
No parts of the hall or technical installations may be damaged, contaminated or altered in any other way (e.g. through drilling or the insertion of screws or nails) they may not be painted or papered, nor may anything be pasted onto them.  No parts of the hall or technical installations may be allowed to support stand fittings or exhibits. However, provided that no damage is caused to them, the columns/supports in the halls may be enclosed within the rented area, up to permitted construction height.  
Exhibiting Motor Vehicles within the halls
Each request is based on a case by case situation and approval is required from us the Organisers. For reference vehicle fuel tanks shall be filled and fitted with lockable caps, propane driven vehicles the main valve closest to the tank shall be additionally closed off. Please contact us the Organisers for more information and approval.
Electrical Services

There is no Electrical order form for Space Only Stands.  For main only connections or electrical requirements to exhibition space only stands please contact Bill Moule & Sons Ltd for a

Illuminated Display Cases
If you are ordering a display cabinet which is illuminated you will be required to order an electrical connection to each case.  
CLICK HERE to order.
Electrical Supplies:
The electrical voltage is 220v single phase and 400v three phase.
Incoming mains cables will come from the ceiling in Hall A.
Incoming mains cables will come from the hall floor in Hall B.
Access to hall mains must be accessible at all times in space only stands.
Please be aware an electrical distribution board will be installed on your stand.
All electrical installations must conform to current Venue and Swedish electrical regulations.

Continuous power 24hour
24 hour supplies are available, please email Please CLICK HERE for a quotation.
If you require power during breakdown to decommission any machines please contact Bill Moule & Sons Ltd before the show.

Daytime power
Please note the electricity will be switched on and off 30 minutes before and after the exhibition is open and closed.

NB:  Every year some blocks of stands encounter electrical tripping problems before show open time which is caused by exhibitors having too many electrical items on one circuit which causes issues for other exhibitors on the block.

To prevent this from happening we advise you to:

1: Switch on your machinery one by one leaving a 10 second gap in between.

2: Order the correct amount of power for your stand, if necessary consult Bill Moule & Sons about the equipment you are bringing.

Any stand that has not ordered the correct and adequate power for their equipment, we the organisers reserve the right to increase the power at the exhibiting companies cost.

If you have any requirements for TRUSS and/or theatrical lighting (parcans etc) please CLICK HERE to discuss.
Stand Cleaning, Waste Disposal & Waste Management
All stand builders/exhibitors are expected to dispose of their own waste including carpet or large bulk waste and manage this themselves onsite. Large Waste Carts can be ordered via the on-line shop. Any waste left on the stand area after the event will be charged. For any questions plase contact us the Operations Team.
Stand Cleaning/Aisle Cleaning
A final cleaning of the exhibition area aisles and shell scheme stands will take place prior to opening.  The aisles must be cleared by 1400hrs, stand construction can commence up until 2000hrs on the 23rd September but only within your allocated stand area.
Space Only companies do not have daily cleaning included so if you do require daily stand cleaning please CLICK HERE.
Any damage caused by the exhibitor or his/her agent in the exhibition grounds, its buildings or facilities, as well as rubbish left behind will be removed at the end of the event by Fiera Roma at the expense of the exhibiting company. All damage and remaining rubbish must be reported to Organisers.
Recommended Stand Builders for Space Only Site
If you require assistance with your design and building of your space only stand, our recommended contractors are:

Mulini Exhibition Displays & Services UK

T: +44 (0) 1406 371 319
F: +44 (0) 1406 373 576
M: +44 (0) 7921 055 353
C: Dominique Darbost

Mulini & ECOC Partnership has supplied with a turnkey solutions for over 40 clients since 2011.
Mulini provide a range of shell scheme options and space only with graphics promoting your brand. All booth variations are available for hire for the duration of the show or to be purchased by the exhibitor for future use. Your graphics cover the entire booth and are safely housed with the aluminium frames or on other kind of displays and hardware.

Management of stand manufacturing printing, shipping, installing, dismantling and storage of your graphics are included within the price.  Mulini provide a comprehensive range of accessories and furniture rental and purchase as an optional extra. Every stand option you choose can accommodate a unique graphic backdrop.  Options include Textile and PVC.  Your stand can include branded storage rooms and wall-mounted, flat screen LCD monitors. Should you require flooring: options include, carpet, floor tiles and hire of modular flooring at competitive prices.

Triple E Events B.V. Netherlands

Triple-E Events B.V is specialised in designing and building stands all over Europe. Also at ECOC 2017 in Gothenburg we can, as a preferred supplier, help you with your presence. We make things very easy for you by completing all documentation and prepay for services.

We will be happy to make a new design and/or quote for an existing stand design. all free of charge.

Modex UK
T:  +44 (0) 1869 819575

If you want to ensure that your next exhibition stand comes in exactly on budget as well as making a stunning impact, there's a surprisingly simple solution - Custom Modular.

Modex have developed an astonishingly versatile modular system that enables us to offer a fixed price on exhibiting - using designs that are anything but fixed.  We keep a huge range of components in stock, allowing us to develop and execute ideas that will make a really big impression - and simply add the panels to complete.

For a fixed price - of £395 per metre square:
* stand design
* Graphic Printing
* Raised flooring
* Furniture
* Lighting
* AV Equipment
* Installation and removal