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General Event Information

Fiera Roma Permit Contractor Badge for build up and breakdown - NEW FOR THIS VENUE
The venue is accessible only to persons in possession of a Fiera Roma Permit Contractor Badge.  This permit must be used for Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September for contractors and will include breakdown on Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th September. 
Exhibitor badges are not valid on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd September. Permit badges must be ordered through the Fiera Web shop and can only be done by the exhibitor who must then register their stand builder details.  The contracted stand builder will then recieve a link to complete registration for their permits. 
The permits can be collected at the East Entrance. CLICK HERE for an overview of the venue
NB: We strongly advise that you register this information before the event as you will be expected to complete the details on site which will delay you or your stand builders entering the hall.
Exhibitor Badges can be used to access the halls on Sunday 23rd September 8am onwards.
Exhibitor Badges & Data Capture
Exhibitor badges & Data Capture Devices can be ordered before the exhibition online CLICK HERE to order.  If you have not received a username and password from the registration contractor Circdata please CLICK HERE to request your details.  Please note Badges must then be collected onsite at the registration desk during the build up of the event.  Please see below registration open times.
Registration Open Times - Hall 9
Saturday 22 September     1200 - 1800
Sunday 23 September       0800-1800
Monday 24 September       0800-1700
Tuesday 25 September      0800-1700
Wednesday 26 September  0800-1600
For security reasons these badges must be worn at all times in the hall and will be required for your staff to gain access into hall.
Visa Letters
If you require a letter of invitation for visa purposes please complete the Letter of Invitation Form.  Please note ECOC management is not able to contact Embassies on behalf of any individual wishing to attend the ECOC Conference & Exhibition. For full details CLICK HERE.
Organisers Office & Sales Office
The Organisers Desk & Sales Office will be located in the foyer section of Hall 3. The office will be open from 0800 hours Friday 21st September, please come and see us with any queries that you may have. 
If you have a question you can call the office on +39 064040 8679 from Friday 21st September.
Accommodation for ECOC Exhibitors
A wide variety of hotel rooms in various categories have been reserved for ECOC 2018 delegates & Exhibitors with the official accommodation agent Brief2Event.
We highly recommend that you make your room reservation well in advance!
For your room reservation, please CLICK HERE to the hotel booking page.
In case of additional questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact the service-team:
Early Access
The hall will be open from 0800 until 17.30pm on open days.  If you would like visitors to enter the hall before the show open times please contact Operations or come and see us in the organisers office during the event.
All meeting and functions must end by 5.30pm on Monday & Tuesday in the hall and must not overrun. No meetings can exceed 4pm on Wednesday 26th September.
Official Contractor Logo
All Official Contractors for ECOC 2018 will show the Official Event Logo shown below:
  • Twenty-four hour security will be provided throughout the tenancy.  However, the organiser expressly decline responsibility for any loss or damage which may befall the person or property of the exhibitor. The exhibitor must take responsibility for the security of all items in their stand and personnel items.  Show Management, Security personnel will try to guard against theft and damage, but the ultimate burden falls on the exhibitor.
  • Although the organisers take every precaution to ensure that every risk is minimised it is recommended that exhibitors take the following action:
  • Make sure you arrive prior to the official opening time and do not leave your stand at night before visitors leave the centre.
  • Business tools such as laptop computers, recorders, calculators and give away items are the things most often stolen. They should be guarded and stored safely at night.
  • Thieves will also take personal items such as purses, mobile phones, suit coats and toolboxes. Do not leave personal items unprotected in your booth.
  • Alternatively items can be removed from the building.  Pass out authorisation can be obtained from the organisers office.
  • Please note that the build-up and dismantling days are vulnerable periods.  Companies are recommended to never leave their stand unattended and to take all valuable and portable items with them as soon as the exhibition closes.
  • Please ensure that any incident involving the loss of property is reported promptly to the Organisers Office. Failure to do so could result in refusal by insurance companies to meet your claim.
  • Lost property can be collected from the organisers office during the event.  However, after the event all items will be given to the venue.
  • Consider covering your exhibit with some sort of cloth at the close of each day.  The psychological deterrent makes it more difficult for people to handle merchandise or take photographs of your products. Criminals often look for the easy target first. You can hire your own security guard for your stand at your cost. 
We urge all exhibitors to have insurance for all personal items, business equipment (in the event of theft or damage), accident insurance and public Liability to cover visitors to the stand.
Theft from stand
In case of theft the following procedure has to be followed:
1.  Lodge a written complaint within 24 hours with the exhibition organisers & the local police to obtain a crime number.
2.  Take any steps required by the laws and regulations in force to maintain recourse against third parties.  
     The Exhibitors undertake to waive any faculty or recourses against the Fiera di Roma.
Press Office
The office is located within foyer area of Hall 3.  The room will be open as follows:
Monday 24th: 0900 - 1700 hrs
Tuesday 25th: 0900 - 1700 hrs
Wednesday 26th: 0900 - 1600hs
Exhibitors can drop their press packs on Sunday 23rd September to the organisers office and hand to the member of staff.
Stand Catering & General Catering
Catering points are located within the Fiera di Roma for drinks and snacks. Exhibitors can place their stand catering through the official catering company. Your catering order will be delivered to your stand at the day and time of your choice. Exhibitors are strongly advised to take advantage of the stand catering facility to meet their requirements during exhibition open hours to avoid queues at the restaurant & cafes within the venue. Please note that it is not possible to bring your own catering into the Fiera Roma including water, wine, coffee machines etc. Please CLICK HERE to view the catering options.

Friday 21st September                   Coffee bar Hall 3                                               9.00 – 19.00
Saturday 22nd September             Coffee bar Hall 3                                               9.00 – 19.00                       
Sunday 23rd September                Coffee bar Hall 3                                               9.00 – 19.00
                                                         Marquee outside exhibition hall 3                     8.00 – 17-00        

No person under the age of 18 years can be admitted to the exhibition either during build-up, open days or breakdown. This rule also applies to the exhibitors/contractors children. The organisers have to rigidly enforce it to comply with the safety regulations of the exhibition.
WIFI Connection
There will be free WIFI access available in the exhibition hall but please note this will only be suitable for browsing the internet and is not suitable for downloading or streaming. We advise you order a hardwired connection or WIFI can be ordered for exhibitors if you need continuous access to the internet, this will not affect the free network service we are providing.
Private networks are prohibited within the hall as this affects the free WIFI service that we the organisers provide.  Please can you contact us directly if you do require a private network.  CLICK HERE to contact the ECOC Operations Team.
Any network that us the Organisers or the Fiera Roma have not been notified of will be closed down as any private networks can be located within the hall.
The network name will be published nearer to the event.
If you are showing Demonstrations or making presentations you will need to order a hard wired internet connection for your stands as we cannot guarantee the speed or access to the wireless network.  Hard wired connections can be ordered through the Fiera Roma. CLICK HERE to order or contact them direct.
T:    +
CLICK HERE to order on-line
Medical Emergencies/ First Aid
Please come to the organisers desk located at the Hall 3 upper level and report any medical instances. The paramedic will attend to where the incident has occurred, once it has been reported.
Messages/PA Announcements
During the exhibition its use has to be restricted to Organisers announcements and emergencies only.
Cash Points
There are cash points located within the Fiera Roma. CLICK HERE  for the ATM locations.
Smoking/Alcohol & Drugs
Smoking, drug taking and the consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited inside the venue premises AT ALL TIMES.  All users of the Fiera Roma are requested to comply with, and to enforce these rules everywhere in the premises.  Smoking areas are located outside the entrances to the building.
Animals are not admitted into the Fiera Roma
There are cloakroom facilities at the Fiera Roma in Hall 9, the main registration area.  There will be a minimal charge for this service.
Parking Information
There is parking available around the venue.  It is advisable for exhibitors and visitors to park at car park P1 at a daily cost of Euro 5 payable by cash at the car park entrance.
CLICK HERE for locations.
Parking for Lorries
Lorries an park at car park P3 free of charge.  Please note that this car park is unattended.
Photography and Videotaping
Photography must be limited to just images of your own booth.  Photography is prohibited on the exhibition floor.  Any photography and videotaping must be approved by the exhibition organisers.  Please visit the organiser’s office to submit your request.
Photographing & Videotaping of other companies products and stands is strictly forbidden and we the organisers have the right to eject anyone from the exhibition caught doing so. We do strongly advise you cover your displays overnight, this will discourage any persons wishing to take photos before the show opens.
Handout/ Leaflets 
All promotional material must be handed out from your stand area, companies are forbidden from handing out leaflets in public areas ie: Catering points, registration areas and venue restaurants. 
Copyright Protection
As Organisers we take a very strong view on Copyright infringement; any company reported infringing these rights will be immediately ejected from the exhibition.  If a successful prosecution is bought by the affected company, a further ban would be imposed on the prosecuted company from exhibiting at future ECOC events.
The ECOC team is warning all exhibitors not to respond to any correspondence sent to them by Exfo-Guide/ operating out of Slovakia and previously Mexico.   Some exhibitors had received a solicitation from this company that claims to be collecting descriptions for the Exhibition Show Guide for ECOC 2017 and will do again for 2018.  The form for completion has been constructed to obtain a three-year financial commitment and cleverly headed to give the impression that it is for the ECOC guide.  We have been warning exhibitors for several years regarding this deceptive practice including a company called FairGuide/Construct Data based in Austria which could be the same company and was actually sanctioned by the Austrian Government due to their deceptive practices. ECOC is no way affiliated with this/these companies.  If Expo-Guide/Fairguide contacts you either by e-mail or letter regarding purchasing advertising space in any ECOC related publication do not respond to them and do not give them credit card information.